A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Appia is 2D puzzle platformer with choose your own adventure elements. Decisions you make along your journey influence the story you're being told.

Every path leads home. Which one will be yours?

Right now, Margot is lost in the forest and trying to get to the village. Have a look around and talk to some folks. They might help out.

This game is a prototype (features only one level) and was made as a final school project.

Made with Unity, Appia also uses ink.



  • LeftStick/DPad - Move
  • X - Talk
  • ⃞ - Push/Pull
  • R2 - Run


  • Keys - Move
  • Spacebar - Talk
  • Leftcmd - Push/Pull
  • Leftshift - Run


Appia_Mac.zip 47 MB
Appia_Win.zip 43 MB

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